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Mike Reed - Columbus

On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 3:10 AM, John Boyer <> wrote:
Now I realize this is not going to win alot of people over but here goes anyways! I am strongly opposed to a slack, go with the flow, biochemical personality run environment for our cause.  Let me explain,  My collective exploded recently due directly and indirectly to a paranoid environment that split the group into 2 groups and cost us alot of time finance and momentum.  "the new reality crew"" banded together with a constant flow of weed use and subsequent paranoia.  The following attacks on those that didnt party literally spun off alot of good people. The few that questioned the devisiveness of this""know best" group were then railroaded out by smear campaigns induced by the amount of weed smoked on a daily basis.  I truly feel we will never  overcome the barriers ahead of us if we create a place where drug use is the common denominator in the collective movement.
  This call out is not an anti drug message. Im the first to open a bottle of wine after a long day of riding and wrenching.  Its just a call out that we can do better when we are all rooted in the reality that we have a lot of work ahead of us.  Here in the States the car rules right now and we will have to do a better job united and communicating effectively to change our reality to a bike friendly world.
Be steadfast in creating an environment friendly to all walks of life and ability and we all win.
Thanks for your time reading this.      

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