Help Support  SPOKES Community Bike Lounge. 
465 9th street Oakland 

A movement and a space creating a  social and community bike space collectively supported by Community Bike Organizations
.  As a Pop up , our goal is to be a campaign headquarters to highlight the  contributions of CBO's in  our area. 
We are currently  crowd funding however our  development of the fundraising plan needs the seeds of your support.  

SPOKES has been operating in Richmond, CA for four years and has had Great success unveiling the hidden bike culture in Richmond.   SPOKES has been stimulating economy and green mobility in the heart of Richmond’s Downtown renaissance, and creating the resources and space for a city of 259,000 people with no bike shop.  SPOKES customers not only buy bikes and repair and maintain their bikes, but also congregate and cultivate a movement of healthy living and mobility.  

During this time, SPOKES notoriety and work has been recognized and the SPOKES model requested by communities in San Pablo, EL Cerrito, Berkeley, Oakland, San Leandro, Los Angeles, CA, Atlanta, GA, Minneapolis MI, and in Washington DC.

Unfortunately  the Richmond SPOKESHOP Bike Shop & Lounge will not be able to renew it's lease after May 1, 2013  at  Market square Mall.   We are  beginning a campaign to raise capitol  to find another permanent home for spokes in Richmond, Ca.  
The Oakland SPOKES Community Bike Lounge  is being established to be the

campaign headquarters of SPOKES National and the focal point of a fund raising

campaign to relocate and sustain the founding SPOKESHOP in Richmond, and to establish a fund

for supporting SPOKES affiliated Community bike organizations nationally.

We will be launching an IndieGogo crowd funder in about a week and need support in  finishing touches and  stock for the new place.  It would be awesome to receive any amount from you as  colleagues or from your networks in support.  SOKES believes that united we can change the  global  fight to create peaceful productive mobile green Communities and more so to make  bikes a reality for all our communities through supporting Community Bike Organizations. 

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Calling all community and community bike minded businesses and organizations.
Oakland SPOKES is launching a hyper local/National Community Bike Organization (CBO) Campaign and is setting up a community bike lounge in partnership with Pop Up Hood Oakland to host “Bay Built Bikes” by East Bay Area Community Bike Organizations (CBO) and, local mechanics/builders and bike art vendors.
This Bike lounge will display and consign Bikes built by Bay Area mechanics as part of the campaign Headquarters for SPOKES National’s Community Bike Organization Project.  Our goal is to collectively advocate for earmarked City, State, and Federal Funding of our communities’ CBO Projects.  This lounge will have commuter accessories, and catered café fixings from Awaken Cafe, Bicycle Coffee, Numi Tea, and Rock the Bike smoothies in its cool Old
own Location
465 9th street Oakland
.   We will be having daily opportunities for you as **members to reserve space to do workshops, and host bike-related social events.    

Our soft opening will be held in conjunction with Oakland’s First Friday on May 3rd 2013. Following that, our grand opening will take place in the middle of the Bike to Work After Party and we will be hosting the official Bike to work “After Party -After Party”.  We plan to have DJ music by Abel Dee and special guests and perhaps some Bike Flix to keep the pedals turning.   

The lounge will have a map of the East Bay covering an entire wall as focal   accent.  This map will have pushpins for all the CBO’s. Bike routes will be marked out on the map in red and will begin from the SPOKES Community Bike Org Hub on the map along routes to each site pinned on the map.  This map will serve as a visual guide to patrons of where all our shops are located in reference to each other the hub and their lives.   The SPOKESHOP community bike lounge will also provide your organization with a space for exposure in Downtown Oakland where you can showcase your bikes, bike art, bike jewelry and swag for sale.

Each member shop or org will need to contribute their high quality logo and a “Bay Built Bike” or bike product(s) to be part of the for sale consignment exhibit.   We will highlight your logo, branding and location on a string of *banners in the lounge.   Your product or bike will be mounted on the wall or rack with a short bio of your organization and name of the builder or artist behind the product.  All sales will be tracked as consignment and you will have the opportunity to refresh your line of products as it sells.  Our goal is to help our businesses or organization further penetrate the bike movement and bike industry and send business as well as awareness to the customers in your community. Through crowd funding and a capital campaign, we intend to raise funds to advocate for bikes as part of community economic development.

In order to participate, we require you to be a **member of the Community Bike Collective.

This successful model will serve as a hub of resources for cyclists in East Bay by providing them with maps and quick commuter tips.  
Increase your sales and impact while celebrating green mobility today. Join us now!
*To have a banner in the Oakland SPOKESHOP Community Bike Lounge we do require a $25 fee and consigned product subject to our approval for our gallery consignment space.
**There is no Membership fee for this inaugural group, as SPOKES wants to encourage our founding member organizations to jump on the bandwagon and participate on collective bargaining for funding and resources.  
Inaugural members will have links to their business or organization on our website member page and a placard in the shop.  

We're in the 465 9th street Oakland
space...  Need to connect to everyone  on details of this fantastic  collective  community bike pop up.   Meeting Wednesday May 1 2013 at 7:00.  Please Rsvp.   
  • Soft  Opening  This First  Friday. 
  • Grand Opening...... May 9, 2013!

Anyone putting a bike in the gallery should  send me a pix of your  bike to be consigned:  and full bio on  your shop , the mechanic that built the bike , make  Model and  components and  estimated sale price. 

Looking for art  and swag.   We will talk  about the consignment and collectively  create  the consignment contract on Wednesday. 

We have Soft confirmations on  Roll Up  Bikes , Cosmic Cycles ,  Oakland SPOKES,  and Rock the  Bike.
WHo's next...?

We have Soft confirmations on  Bicycle Coffee, Numi Tea, Awaken Cafe, and James and the Giant Cupcake as food.   NEED Linden BEER ADAM

We have Soft confirmations on Red Bike and Green, Zapinc, and Oaklandish on ART.   Need some more art dedicated for Last week of May. 

We have Soft confirmations on Music from 
Ross Aebldee Robinson 
 Need  some resident DJ gear.. and more dj:s for  thursday  Friday and Saturday  Evenings. 

We have Soft confirmations on workshops  from  Oakland SPokes,  Binx Garage, Roll Up 
We need: proposals for workshops:  by Tuesday evening.
Come on  SPOKELAND, Waterside WOrkshops,   Cosmic Cycles, Bikes For Life 
  • Speedy flat repair
  • Basic lube and tune
  • Wheel Truing
  • Deterring Bike Thieves
  • WHO WANT TO DO BIKE CHURCH:   Three workshops in one  Sunday mornings. 

Brian Drayton

Why re-invent the wheel ...when you can tighten the spokes?