Just added "cheater bars" to the wiki linked to below.

We use repair stands similar to these:


and one of them died. We took one of the legs and made it into an "atomic" cheater bar, by cutting and filing the edges. It's a good 3 feet long, and maybe 2 inches in diameter. It's a WONDERFUL tool of last resort when other cheater bars won't do the job. Of course, it's for removing parts only.

One of my favorite teaching moments is when I get to show someone who thinks they're "not strong enough to work on bikes" that bike mechanics isn't so much a strength issue as it is a leverage issue. When the massive pedal wrench isn't long enough to provide the leverage to remove a stuck pair of pedals and a 16 inch tube does wonders, man. Talk about empowerment.

On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 1:45 PM, Jonathan Morrison <jonathan@slcbikecollective.org> wrote:
At heart I am a tool junkie, so one of the small highlights at
Mountain States Bike Bike was seeing some of their specialty tools...


What does your shop use that is special?


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