We always did it for free but put out a donation jar, in addition we offered free tune-ups. We usually ended up making a little bit of money but used the event more to increase awareness of what we do and bring more people into the shop.

Are you paying your valets? Are you offering any other services (such as tune-ups) or selling merch?


From: labikery@gmail.com
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 14:35:49 +0000
To: thethinktank@lists.bikecollectives.org
Subject: [TheThinkTank] Bike Valet Fees


I'm wondering if anyone could share their pricing structure for bike valet events.

We currently run an annual bike valet on Canada Day and we are looking to expand to more events. If you have any additional tips and tricks for getting started with Bike Valet send them our way!

Thank you!

Krysta Cowling
Coopérative La Bikery Co-operative

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