Thanks for the heads up on this. Sounds like a great resource even for those of us who've working on bikes for a long time.

Steve Andruski
Rockville Bike Hub 

On Sun, May 19, 2024, 1:37 PM Sam Tracy via TheThinkTank <> wrote:
Hello ThinkTank,

Greetings! Hope you're well. I wanted to let people know about my new book Riding More with Less, published 1/23/24 by PM Press. It focuses on resourceful approaches towards fixing the bikes people actually ride, giving space to topics including how to break rust, knowing when it's safe to reuse parts, and more broadly to the many older technologies still in common use. Best of all, the book also features technical insights and commentary from volunteers and mechanics at 34 community bike shops across 4 countries.  Great to encounter so many insightful people, through this project -- I learnt a lot, and as I hope you'll agree their voices add quite a bit.

Background: I began working as a mechanic in bike shops in 1994, and this is my fourth bike repair manual. It's the second one that I've done with PM Press.  More info can be found at the publisher's website here:

Question: I'll be visiting family in the Boston/Cambridge area the second and third weeks of July, and I'm hoping to set up some book events. Would anyone know people at community shops out there whom I might ask about this?

Sam Tracy
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