We Take ours to the transfer station (Hamilton), and have been able to recycle them there. Depending on the staff member present they can be lenient on the "4 tires per load, per day" rule, especially when we argued that a bike tire does not equal one bike tire. We are trying to make a connection at the city level to make this process less luck based and consistent.

This certainly can be a difficult challenge. At the transfer station we were told that we couldn't throw them out as garbage either, so if they wouldn't take them to recycle we were stuck with a couple hundred tires and no where to put them.

Andrew Hibma
New Hope Bike Co-op


On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 1:37 PM, Mark Rehder <mark@re-cycles.ca> wrote:
Here in Ontario there is a tire recycling program:


But they won't take bike tires.

For the past five years we've been paying $1 per tire to have our dead ones properly recycled. All of the regular retail shops aside from MEC just throw theirs out (to the best of my knowledge). I'd really like the OTS to include bike tires, and our shop is willing to be a drop-off point.  I've written to my MPP but no action from him as of yet (only an acknowledgment by his staff that my email was received).

Then I was informed that the BC program is now taking bike tires.


Is there anyone on this list with info as to how they got this happening?  I guess some sort of critical mass had to be achieved by contacting as many bike stores as possible?


Mark Rehder - Coordinator
re-Cycles Community Bike Shop

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