Hey, if anyone wants to ask me a question, feel free. I just changed my subscription to daily digest cuz I can't keep up.
Plus, whoever subscribed our whole organization to the list, we didn't entirely appreciate it. We love invitations, but auto-subscribes aren't that nice.
email me directly:

On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 3:06 PM, maintenence collective <bikefarm@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey everyone,
If you need a liason to the CCC, I can be that. We started Bike Farm a year ago here in portland and have a really awsome relationship with the CCC. They donated so many tools to us when we started, we wouldn't have been able to open without them. I've had a few conversations via e-mail with Alison, and have met with the CCC director, Susan Remmers.
let me know what you all want... (also... we have a few ccc employees at BF as volunteer mechanics).... and its no conflict on interest... just different organizations with different stuff to offer.

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