Good timing for your question. A few years ago, we were given these bins by a local hospital that was replacing them with adjustable shelves. So that was a great help for our parts organization. But there are troubles with stocking the parts in the correct bin. 

There is a great need to have a system that will make things easier to restock and find the correct part. We started yesterday with dumping them out and cleaning the bins inside and out.  We also scrapped off all of the former labels on the front of the bins. 

We are thinking about labels with a basic description and an image on a sticky label or maybe just paper with packing tape over the top.

Thanks for bring this up,
Pedal Mettle Erie

On Jan 21, 2020, at 1:42 PM, Bk Mk <panamahvac@mail.com> wrote:
Hi all.
To help keep the bike shop organized I have been working on a system of color coding parts.
i.e.: Red for brake related parts
       Green for drivetrain
       Yellow for shifter/derailer
The idea is to speed up finding parts as well as sorting out donations, etc.
Does anyone already have a system in place?
If there was/is a "standard" color scheme I would be good to go with an established one.
I have already started color coding tools with the color scheme on the sheldon brown website
it is a great time-saver
Any thoughts/comments appreciated
Bicis Disidentes TJ

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