Eric Montgomery Here Brockville Ontario, Canada.
 I ride all year around sun, snow. ice I use several methods for snow/ice conditions.
Stainless Steel Studded tires designed by me @ $ 0.25 per stud installed in existing tire.
Pics included two of first prototype, second red bike is 1967, 9 sp Itala that has fenders now.
I currently have two nice ice bikes that I use here for daily riding.
Proper winter hazzard lighting systems can also be shown and explained. Dark here at 4 Pm not light till 7 am.
Eric Montgomery

On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 1:45 PM, Sam Haraldson <> wrote:

Our co-op will be giving a series of lectures this winter, the first of which is a winter cycle commuting clinic.  I'd like to round out the materials we've put together with examples of what others have taught regarding this topic already.  If you have any outlines or other presentation materials related to giving a winter bicycle commuting clinic we'd be most appreciative of you sharing. 

Boulder's Community Cycles gave a nice presentation regarding this topic at Mountain States Bike Bike last year. Their organization has all the materials for a presentation ready to go in a Rubbermaid tub for quick deployment.  If a company, or other organization is in need of a presentation they can contact CC and for a fee have a ready-to-go presenter and presentation with little difficulty. 


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