As far as I know, Stein is still at it.  My experience is that it's not uncommon for things to take a long time and for communication to be slow/lacking- Perhaps a trademark of the one-person shop of a tool-maker.

Hope he comes through for you!  There are a number of other jig manufacturers if not: Sputnik tool, Henry James Bicycles, Anvil Tools, Bringheli. . .

Take Care-


On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 6:57 PM, Leslie Peteya <> wrote:
Hi everyone,

Has anyone ordered from JA Stein lately? We have several specialty tools we'd like to
order from him (frame and fork jig) and haven't heard from him since December.

If he's not making tools anymore, does anyone know of any other toolmakers who
can produce the more uncommon tools? 

Durham Bike Coop


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