Thank-you, Judy.

Even better, here is an invite for official B!B!E! Discord server:

It has conversations going back to 2021, and it has hundreds of members.  There is an IRC bridge as well. If anyone is interested in utilizing IRC to communicate to others on B!B!E! Discord channels, just ask me.

Quick shout out:   Think Tankers, we have bi-weekly tech working group meetings on Jitsi, too.  It sounds like there is some clear interest from the recent conversations, I am hyped! We'd love to have you attendance at these meetings, just indicate your interest.


On 2023-02-01 00:06, Judith Feist via Thethinktank wrote:

I'm going to start experimenting with this. I'll share it on the B!B! discord.
OK. Be well. 🚲💨
judith caroline feist

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"i don't think my art is political. i think it's about the stuff that doesn't let me sleep at night." -felix gonzalez-torres

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