On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 12:01 PM, Bob Giordano <mist@strans.org> wrote:
instructions for trailer building.

-Bob g, free cycles missoula

Hey Bob,

Care to share the instructions for trailer building? We'd like to teach a workshop on how to build a trailer from bike parts, and are looking into a few different designs.



adam schwartz wrote:
> We recently lost our physical workshop/classroom/storage space due to
> economy and are considering the concept of going mobile.  We already
developed a mobile bike shop based out of a landscaping trailer (photos
attached), however due to a conflict with our previous partner
> organization
> (the Univ of Maryland) and our main funder our mobile bike shop was
> and its future is currently being negotiated by lawyers. Its really sad and
> ugly but we are committed to moving forward despite the loss.  We have
> formed our own 501c3 in incredible time and have fully terminated our
partnership with the university.  Anyway, I wanted to hear about anyone
> has had success with a mobile bike program.   We are currently
> using a biodiesel school bus to house our operations as cheap space is very
> hard to come by in the Washington DC area.  Thanks for your input and
> --
> Adam Schwartz
> The Renaissance Youth Bike Shop, ECO Inc.
> rideyourbicycle@gmail.com

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