I just finished building a Tom Ritchey Project Rwanda bike for a friend here in Davis. This a well-built, thoughtfully appointed utility machine that will give years of dependable service for the coffee farmers. Tom is making 200 available in the U.S. to help raise support and awareness. The bikes are signed and numbered (I built number 29) with the profits going towards these purpose-built machines to Rwanda.
Robert St.Cyr
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ASUCD Bike Barn
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These folks were next to the Bike Collective Network table at Interbike.  They developed the bike as a low cost cargo bike for use in Africa and other developing nations (and realized there was commercial value in the US).  However they might have some additional insight.


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    Check out Kona Bike - they started an African Bike Town project for HIV/AIDS workers awhile back and it's in numerous countries now.
They probably have lots of experience to draw from.
Ross Willard
Harrisburg Recycle Bicycle
Subject: [TheThinkTank] bicycle project in rwanda .. need your input

hi, everyone.  thanks so much for your input on the last thread.. i got a lot out of it.

this time i've got questions about doing projects in africa.  i've been asked to come along as a consultant on a project designed to train five local people to be HIV case workers in a place near Kigali, Rwanda ( www.jcause.org).  the folks there say that in order to do their work, they need bicycles.  that's where i come in.  my job is to get bicycles while we're over there, help fix them up, teach bike repair, etc.  i also have to get messenger bags or backpacks so they can haul around meds and paper work, patch kits, multitools, and other on-the-road repair items.  it would also be good if there was a repair shop, or at least a set of basic tools.

i know that working bikes, david peckham/village bicycle project, and others do big bike distribution projects in places around africa, so i intend to make those connections.  but i thought i would check to see if there's any other knowledge among the collective that y'all could share with me... especially contacts with companies who might part with a relatively small in kind donation, things i ought to bring, and tales of adventure.


Rachael Spiewak, MSW
Executive Director
Sopo Bicycle Cooperative
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