Don't know about grants but I have a few suggestions on necessary tools...

-Workstand (you don't need it, but it makes life wonderful )
-Ratcheting 14mm and 15mm wrench (indispensable for quickly removing wheels)
-"Y" style hex tools with 8-9-10mm (everybody needs at least one of these for brakes)
-Chain breakers (get both for 3/32 and 1/8in chains, i recommend the park ones that you can change the pins out on, get plenty of extra pins too.  you (or someone in your shop) WILL break these)
-At least 2 sets of Allen keys (they will get lost.  it's handy to have one "flip-out" set with the keys attached)
-Pedal wrenches (get good ones with a lot of leverage)

Perhaps we should all collaborate on a more comprehensive list to put up on the wiki "Bike Collective Starter Kit".  I skimmed the pages but didn't find one.

Happy Friday!

Brian Windle
Urban Bike Project of Wilmington

On 9/28/07, Ariel raymon < > wrote:
Hey everyone,
Ariel from bikefarm here. We're starting to make our space into a shop, and are looking at the tools we need to purchase.
Suggestions on bare minimum tools for a funcitoning shop would be really helpful, as we'll be making a large order from the
UBI distributors in a month or so. Also, Are there grants for things like this? Thanks,

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