Good afternoon, comrades-

So a friend of mine from Guatemala is trying to organize a bike tour from guatemala to panama from november 1 to mid-december.  The tour would be visiting local social movements along the way and have an explicitly political purpose, and he asked me to help out, to try and gage interest on it and such.  He's currently talking to Just Coffee about some kind of sponsorship and the attachment elaborates on some of the questions he has for potentially interested parties, as well as more general information (but more elaborate than i can squeeze in on my lunch break over here). 

Some other questions I have (I have a meeting with him on sunday before he returns to guatemala): is there interest in this around?  what about the timing?  I'm concerned about it being so soon.  would any other bike coops/collectives/etc be interested in somehow supporting it?  It looks like an awesome experience at any rate.

Anyhow, sorry for being so brief and sloppy, but like i said... lunch break.

Erik @the recyclery