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Here are two storage devices we have recently built. The first is a tree stand. It is a column made with two 2x4s with pieces of dowl protruding from the sides. A picture of the bottom detail is included. This stand is unique in that it is pressure fitted between the ceiling and floor. It is quite stable, (we were climbing it at one point), although we are going to widen the base to add some stability.

The second is a mobile bike rack. It is an A-frame design constructed with 2x4s. The top beam is a double 2x4. Casters are attached to the bottom, a picture of this detail is attached. It measures 8 feet wide, 6 feet deep and 6 feet 8 inches tall. Gussets are installed on the back. I would recommend also installing smaller gussets at the top of the frame, as well as adding another brace across the front on the bottom. Closing the frame on the bottom will add alot of stability.  The bikes are suspended from hooks which are attached to the rack with chains. This lets us slide them around which is nice.


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We've been running into the same problem.  If you have wall space a rather cheap way to get more packed in is to build a frame-work w/ 2-by-4s and screw bike hooks into them and hang as many bikes as possible by their front & rr. wheels (alternating them helps); keeping the hooks like 18" apart is a good distance we've found.  If you built a self-standing framework w/ 4x4s and hooks you could store more bikes in an area without wallspace.  However, after packing more bikes under the hanging bikes you'll find it's tough to then get at the hanging bikes, so while this is cheap and quick to build over time it's a hassle, not to mention the strength required to get heavier bikes hung up & the risks to staff in pulled muscles, etc.
I've seen some pics of Harvard's Quad Bikes storage of bikes and it looks like a much better way to store bikes for much less money.  Here's a before shot:
http://www.quadbikes.org/resources/photos/History/2006-Winter/WeightRoom2.jp g
And after:
http://www.quadbikes.org/resources/photos/History/2006-Winter/WeightRoom3.jp g
Here's links to other photos of Quad Bikes that might be helpful:
Sam Santos writes:
I'm a member and volunteer at The Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign.  Due to
a recent donation of abandoned bikes from the local university, we are
dealing with some space problems.  Space has always been an issue, but this
new donation makes it plainly obvious that we need to build something that
will allow us to store bikes a bit better than our current non-solution of
leaning them against each other.
I'm certain other co-ops and collectives have run into this issue, and I
would love to hear how you solved it.  If you built some cool storage rack,
shelf, hanging thing or whatever, I would be incredibly interested to hear
about that.  I would be even happier if you could describe how you built it
or had pictures of the finished structure.  No point in re-inventing the
wheel here.  If there is a great solution that can be built cheaply, I'm all
for it.
Thanks... and have fun at BikeBike.  Wish I could be there as it sounds like
an awesome time.

Tim Potter
MSU Bikes Service Center
Bessey Hall Auditorium, Lower level
On the N. River Trail & 300 ft. West of the Farm Ln. Bridge

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