one idea we've toyed with, but haven't implemented yet, is an art bike auction.  you can get local artists (and kids!) to paint frames, and then you can auction them off.  the people who win them can then come to your shop and build them up into ridable pieces of art!


On 9/24/07, Bruce Lien <> wrote:
RAFFLES:  In Colorado I believe you are required to have a special permit to do so.  I bet this applies to other states as well.  Check with your local government before you do a raffle, or your local government will be checking with you (and possibly checking you in).  Careful and good luck.  Bruce

Kim Jensen <> wrote:

I suggest a bike raffle or two or three- build up some bikes that
represent the aesthetic and types of bike you guys roll and raffle-
not a dollar- like $10 and maybe a super duper bike for $20 tickets
and include a complimentary membership with the bike.

Maybe you could sell bike horns and people could use them at the
game..? I don't know but raffles are my vote.

Ride on!


On 9/20/07, Jake Liefer wrote:
> Myself and several students from the local college are starting up a
> bike co-op in our town and are looking to raise funds to buy tools and
> acquire space. The college's homecoming event is next week and we were
> able to get a vendor booth for free. While we primarly want to get the
> word out about what we're doing and get some bikes, this seems like an
> excellent opportunity to raise some funds. There will be several other
> vendors there selling coffee, drinks, and food. Do you guys have any
> ideas about what we can sell that will set us apart from the others?
> We are not limited to food, so if you have any non-food ideas that
> would be great too!
> Thanks,
> Jake
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