Soak them in a bottle of mineral spirits. Agitate them form time to time. pull them out and allow to air dry. If you're making jewelry from them you might invest in an ultrasonic cleaner For around a hundred bucks you can get a nice small industrial duty one with a stainless steel tank. 

On Jan 4, 2012, at 11:31 AM, Christine Hill wrote:

Hi everybody,

We've been getting really into upcycling bike parts here at Bike Recycle Vermont -- we sell jewelry and fun products at local artists' markets to raise money for the shop. We love making jewelry with the ever-iconic bike chain, but getting it clean is so time and labor intensive. Has anyone found an effective way to clean multiple chains at once, and I mean really clean them out, get them grease-free and bone dry to the point that you'd wear the thing around your neck?

We tried a parts cleaner, we tried bringing them to a car wash... each time we still ended up going at each chain with a tooth brush and some degreaser and spending 15 minutes scrubbing it.



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