Maybe reach out to Recyclistas in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, as they had taught several Park School sessions as i understand. 

Jesse Cooper 
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On Thu., Dec. 12, 2019, 10:36 Robert Christiansen <> wrote:
Hello all,

The Sacramento Bike Kitchen would like to ramp up our educational offerings. The programs needs to be flexible yet structured and flexible to accommodate potential volunteer scheduling/availability fluctuations.

I have been looking into the Park Tool Schools program as outlined in their BB-4TG Instructor Guide. I am impressed with their offering and feel it might fit our needs perfectly. We are thinking to first establish an in-house mechanic training course which could be mandatory for new volunteers and optional for current volunteer staff. We are 100% Volunteer run. We would then open it up to the public. Tuition if any has yet to be discussed.

We would greatly appreciate any feed back from all of you if you have any experience with Park Tool School or similar curriculum.

Secondly have any of you instituted a mandatory training for new volunteers? If so, any observations and reflections would be welcomed.

Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated and we give many thanks to you all. Keep up the the great work.

For The Sacramento Bike Kitchen,
Robert Christiansen


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