Here is a page of information from Safe Routes to School that can get you pointed in the right direction:

It lines out two methods (loose/informal and more formal) and although it's not a step by step guide as to what you need to do to get this going it provides you a framework that  you can follow to present to the school to show that safety and organization has been taken into consideration.

Quick steps to a walking school bus or bicycle train

Loose, informal structure

  1. Invite families who live nearby to walk or bicycle as a group.
  2. Pick a route and take a test walk or ride.
  3. Decide how often the group will travel together.
  4. Start walking or bicycling.

Highly organized, more formal structure

  1. Determine the amount of interest in a walking school bus or bicycle train. Contact potential participants and partners and identify a coordinator.
  2. Identify the route(s).
  3. Identify a sufficient number of adults to supervise walkers or bicyclists. (The Centers for Disease Control recommends one adult per three children for children ages 4 to 6 and one adult for six children for older elementary children ages 7 to 9 (2000). For bicyclists, one adult per three to six children is advisable.)
  4. Finalize logistical details including setting a time schedule, training volunteers and promoting participation.
  5. Kick off the activity.
  6. Track participation.
  7. Make changes to the activity as needed.
Sam Haraldson
Bozeman Bike Kitchen, Montana

On Wed, May 8, 2024 at 9:19 AM Marc Ford via TheThinkTank <> wrote:
Hi folks,

Some neighbors are getting together a bike-bus to bike to the local
elementary school (up to age 10). The school is cool with it and has
asked that there be some kind of unspecified "safety thing". This is all
coming together without much notice so all the local organizations that
could help are busy. So these neighbors are looking for something to
share with the school or parents.

I found a couple videos. They are OK but a little preachy. Anyone have
anything you've made or like for this? The expectation is that parents
are riding with kids, on one lane neighborhood streets.



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