Hello from Baltimore Youth Kinetic Energy (BYKE)!

We are moving to a new and awesome location, but we’ll be in a basement. We might only be there for 1 year, so major renovations aren’t going to happen.

I have two main concerns:

1. Stairs(full flight, medium width)+ young people+bikes without brakes
-a safe ramp?
-has anyone tried building a kinetically powered platform elevator?
-has anyone tried to build a track to secure a bicycle into and then let it fall with style? having some kind of slowing mechanism?

2. Ventilation codes
-is that for the landlord to figure out?
-regardless: were there any cheap and easy ways to increase ventilation?

Any other unpredictable lessons learned from those who have held DIY bike workshops in basements?



Chavi Rhodes, MPH
Baltimore Youth Kinetic Energy Collective
(410) 989-3806