"presumably this project will be part of the "seeding" side of things.
one thing i would look into is what is done on the "weeding" side."
"legitimizing this kind of police action"

Macho, I'd like to hear more about this, not sure what kind of police action would be legitimized by our accepting 3,500 and using it to help at-risk kids.  He's a police officer who patrols presumably bad neighborhoods already and would like to give kids another option in addition to PAL or Boy's/Girl's Club centers.  I am try to see all sides of the picture.

Andrew, 3,500 doesn't seem like much but consider that all the bikes are donated and many are in perfect shape to begin with.  I am still concerned but I spoke with David Hoffman of Free Ride/Bike PGH the other day and he took me through how we can still manage it.

We project the approximate cost of giving one kid a bike.  This would be calculated in terms of amount of shop time (electric, rent), amount of staff time (we may pay a stipend to a coordinator), and, on average, dollar amount of parts needed.  Using that number we will set a maximum amount of participants in a given time frame (month/week whatever), adjusting for more volume in the summer, less in the cold months.  That way we don't find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of having to scramble to raise funds, draining our savings or risking cancellation of the program.

We are meeting with him (his name is Brian too, it's wierd) tomorrow to come up with concrete plan and make everything less vague.

Sincere thanks to both you guys for weighing in,

Brian Windle

On Dec 15, 2007 5:44 PM, Andrew Bushaw <plan_9@riseup.net> wrote:
In addition to what macho brought up, what happens when the police money
for the program dries up and you can't afford to fund it anymore? If you
keep it, you are doing the police a service without compensation, and if
you end the program, people will point the finger at your shop for
pulling the program rather than the funding source. 3,500 seems like a
pretty meager amount of funding for what they want, especially since
what they want seems pretty vaguely defined.
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