My name is Rick McFerrin. I am the founder of a charity called TWO WHEEL VIEW. We use the bike as a tool to educate youth on the environment and culture of north America and abroad through bicycle education and expedition programs ( For the past 7 years we have been raising money for TWO WHEEL VIEW youth programs by taking adults on a bike trip in Argentina. Kind of like a Ride for the Cure but this is a 2-week trip with the focus on raising money to support students - from where we live - so that they can participate on TWV student bicycle expeditions. Everyone pays their own way and pledges to raise some money for the charity. Each year we usually get 8 to 11 adults to participate on the ride. This year there are only 5 signed up so far and the trip is in March. We may be exhausting our local reach and need to get the word out to a broader audience. Does anyone have any suggestions for reaching out to a broader community of supporters for events like this. Last year we raised more than $20,000 with 11 adults participating. When it works, it’s great for funding students who would not otherwise have the opportunity for summer trips. Thanks for ideas. Rick


Rick McFerrin, founder / director


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