I know that Bikes for the World (https://bikesfortheworld.org/) does this! They have a contact form on their website ( https://bikesfortheworld.org/contact-us) and I think you could direct your question to Taylor Jones, their Executive Director. 



Emily Gage

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On Wed, Mar 23, 2022 at 2:55 AM <cyclista@inventati.org> wrote:
Hi all,

Back in the day at RIBs we used to periodically ship excess bikes we had
to Ghana. I don't remember anymore what the entity that did the shipping
and organization for that was, only that last time I checked five or so
years ago, they had long since ceased operation. I even contacted one of
the organizers directly and they had no connections to share or interest
in resurrecting their past project. It was a total dead end, and I never
had the extra bandwidth to create a new effort on my own or
deepen/broaden my search.

So what I'm hoping to hear from people is whether they know of, and have
contact info for, any current entities doing this kind of work. Loading
up shipping containers or tractor trailers with bikes and shipping them
off to places in the world with both a shortage *and* a capacity to fix

One thing I heard from people when I was doing the rounds last time was
that some of the entities that took the bikes either sold them for
scrap, or dumped them off without knowing what was done with them after
delivery, which ultimately turned out to be to sell them for scrap. The
obvious worst case scenario for such an effort. So I'm also hoping to
hear about any vetting that has been done, or firsthand experience with
the downstream of such a project.

Thanks for any leads or info, cyclistas!

Hope y'all are doing well,

~cyclista Nicholas

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