In the many months before opening our own sm all coop, I broached this topic with a bike shop owner - more as a joint venture sort of concept but where both models would coexist. He explained how the two concepts would not work together because of the big difference of profit and prices. His perspective made sense so we chose our own path. We have remained good friends and in fact do a few things together - we get parts and supplies from him and we get some good used bikes for his operation. We also cross refer customers when it males sense, which is very often.

Hope this is helpful.

On Wed, Aug 29, 2018 at 6:21 PM Cicloficina dos Anjos <> wrote:

Hi guys,

Do you know any bike collective that works in the same place as a comercial bike shop?
Like on the shop closed hours?

Any thoughts about how it can be a good or very bad ideia?

We need to move from the place where we are for some years, and one possibility is to move temporarily to a friendly comercial bike shop. But I would like to know if any or similar experiences occurred, and how it went.


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