The Recyclery has a 6 week Complete Overhaul Class.  Here's the quick general rundown:
-$180 sliding scale
-Wednesday nights from 6pm-9pm (6 weeks)
-7 students
-I always have an assistant
-lube, bearings, housing, cables and oil are included in the class.  they have to buy everything else (replacement parts, etc)
-The curicullum is pretty thorough.  if you'd like, i can send it to you.
-It's important to do a survey at the end.
Here is what our sign up looks like:
I would make sure people pay BEFORE the class because a lot of the time people commit, don't pay and then there's an empty slot that someone else could have taken.

On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 12:31 PM, Rich Points <> wrote:
Hey All,
We're playing with the idea of offering private bike repair sessions.  This would be for folks who already have a bike and don't qualify EAB and would like more guidance/instruction working on their bikes.  We have a membership which gives you access to the shop and tools but not necessarily and instructor.   Private lessons would help us fill this gap.

Are any of you guys doing this?  Would love to hear your experience.

  • 2hrs? - 3hrs?
  • Scheduling?
  • Cost to participants?
  • Staffing/Volunteering
  • Promoting

Ride On!

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