6 Days To Secure Our Home

Free Cycles started in 1996 with a goal of reducing air pollution and congestion. What started as environmental clean-up has transformed into a social movement to improve the fabric of a diverse community support system.

We now have an amazing opportunity to grow a world class community bicycle center. Since December 2015, we have been running a grassroots capital campaign to raise $1.1 million to buy the space we have rented for the past 11 years. 

Located in the heart of Missoula, the two acre property is an ideal place to continue to the work of Free Cycles.

In order to secure our home, we need your donation now.

Gaining the entire 28,000 sq. ft. building (we currently rent one third of the space) will allow for a strengthening of core programs and an expansion to three additional programs: a fabrication center for those with mobility challenges, a bike share for short term lending, and a transportation learning center with a focus on health. 

You can read more about our history and property vision here.

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Our Open Shop has brought 200,000 people from all backgrounds through our doors to fix and build bicycles. 18,000 free bikes have been earned, built, and ridden away by people seeking a pedaling lifestyle. BikeWell classes have provided 5,000 participants with safety and maintenance skills. 

We have until July 1st to raise funds to secure the property. The plan is to preserve existing buildings and transition to 100% renewable energy. 

The Cycles of Change campaign sparked a fundraising fire with an all day celebration in December 2015. During this effort, we've partnered with local people, groups, and businesses, We've hosted concerts, raffles, bicycles rides, door knocking, and more. The overwhelming support we have received fills us up to the brim and inspires continued action.

Let's celebrate 20 years of people power, honor the passion of collective community spiritheighten awareness, and unite for a cause in which we truly believe!


3 Ways To Donate: 

- At the shop in the trusty red tool box @ 732 S. 1st St. W.

- Online at our crowdfunding site by clicking here.

- In the mail at 91 Campus Dr. Box #1412, Missoula, MT 59801


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MIST, 91 Campus Dr. #1412 , Missoula, MT, 59801