Regarding MEC, they asked us, even though we had a partnership agreement with them, to stop dropping off our tires years ago because we had so many.  Since then we pay $1 per tire to have them properly recycled (by the same company that picks up theirs). I think we spent about $1200 doing so last year, and since we can afford to do so we shall continue.

Here in Ontario there's the (Google "tire stewardship program" and you'll find more for other places), but they currently do not accept bike tires. I asked my MPP about this, and even got a reply from the Ministry of the Environment saying, as I already knew, that bike tires were not included in the current project. Thanks guys...

I heard the British Columbia got bikes tires added to their program, and would love to find out how they made that happen.

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For those in Canada, MEC will (or at least used to) take tires to recycle. I've heard that REI and even Costco have a similar program in some communities in the US.


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You can burn them to heat your home in winter.  They burn a long time.  

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Our local dump used to accept them in the rubber recycling-- now it's car tires only! We have a build up, as well. . . trying to figure out a new plan.
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Try Les Swabb Tire dealer.
Most Tire dealers Recycle them Free.
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hey all!

i know this has been a thread some time ago, but i would like some sounding off on what folks are doing to dispose of OR upcycle spent tires.

we have a build up!!

thanks for the help in advance!

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