Hi Amanda, here's the checklist I'm developing. It's meant to be printed like a zine, and tucked into a vinyl ticket holder hanging from the bars of each bike. I've gotten really positive responses to it from the folks who have used it, especially novice mechanics, and I've actually found it really helpful myself. Would love feedback from y'all as well!

Screen readable

Most of the checklists I've seen either seem to be optimized to fit onto as little a piece of paper as humanly possible, meaning that they're cluttered and hard to use and sometimes also very terse, or they're too comprehensive and therefore packed and cluttered and unreadable. I approached this as a teaching / learning tool, not just a checklist, so I feel great about giving more space for it. Yes, it's a few pieces of paper. But this is an educational tool, and anyway, we have bigger fish to fry. 

FYI though, it's oriented at building or refurbing a bike or giving a real tune-up, as opposed to a quick once over (still working on that version).

On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 1:48 PM Amanda Chilson <achilson@nbccoalition.org> wrote:
Good Afternoon,
I am wondering if bike collectives and shops could share what they are using for service tickets or slips when a bike is being purchased, when preparing a bike to sell, when people drop off a bike to be fixed/tuned and/or a bike that was donated?

Thank you so much for your help!

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