we here at bicas use a sink which drains into a bucket.  the used simple green usually ends up in there and then we pour the bucket, when full onto our mesquite tree in front.  i never would have thought but we have been doing it long before i was involved here.  the tree loves it and has grown from just a 4 foot shrub into a full grown 25 foot tree in 5 or 6 years.  maybe simple green, grease and hand cleaner act as a growth hormones or something.  also we try to encourage that people first dilute the easy green, use minimal amounts of the stuff if soaking parts is absolutely necessary and also reuse it if possible as many times as we can. 

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Ah, friendly simple green. Such a nice name. Is there anything you can
do to this stuff to feel better about disposing of it. What do you guys
do? .

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