We use the Filzer brand from MEC.  It has the fancy head that allows for both valves without adjustment, and ours have held up rather well. The chuck's grip start's to slip after about a year of use, so we just buy another one (parts are available, including O rings).

A ToPeak Pro model gave out completely after a year, and a Park model was always problematic, and its locking lever was opposite the Filzer (which pulls up to lock) and that always confused everyone.

The biggest challenge has been with customers used to the old pumps where you opened the head and flipped the internal bits around for Presta.  We have to keep an eye in case anyone starts to do this, because these "smart" heads do not like to be taken apart.

(We do have an air compressor, but it's in the back room and used mainly for testing the piles of innertubes that come in.)

Mark Rehder - Coordinator
re-Cycles Community Bike Shop

On 2013-09-17, at 2:03 PM, Andy Greif wrote:

Hi Folks,
Over the year we have tried many different floor pumps with the pump heads not lasting more than a year.  What brand and model floor pump has been the most reliable for you?  We prefer floor pumps with the gauge close to the floor since the gauges don’t bust when the pump falls over.  We are okay with either smart head pumps or dual headed (Presta/Schrader) on opposite ends of the heads.
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