Hi Sam!

We're going to be creating a whole set of toolkits for organizations to use (free, I believe).  Circle back and follow up with me sometime next year for a whole suite of campaigns (safety oriented, mainly).

Mary Catherine Graziano

Outreach and Education Manager
Local Motion
1 Steele St., Burlington, VT  05401
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On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 4:41 PM, Sam Haraldson <sam@bozemanbikekitchen.org> wrote:
Hello ThinkTank'ers,

In order to broaden our efforts in education and advocacy efforts I am soliciting for examples of the types of campaigns you've been successful (and unsuccessful) with as well as the message you were trying to drive home.  Keep it short, keep it simple, or if you want to wax poetic I'm happy to read a lengthy treatise as well.  

1. Campaign type (e-mail, workshop, radio/tv PSA, poster, tradeshow booth, et al)
2. What was the message you were trying to convey (safe riding techniques, helmet use, bike lights, share the road, etc)
3. Was a measurable goal in the message/campaign's success defined and if so how was it measured?  
4. What city, state, country are you from?


Full disclosure: I am requesting this information not on behalf of our Bike Kitchen but rather our city Bike Board of which I am also a member.



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