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Job Description - Education, Outreach, and Advocacy Coordinator Time Commitment: 20 hours/week, three-month probationary period Compensation: $13.75 hourly Reports to: President, Board of Directors

Responsibilities: The Education, Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing all the activities happening at or near the Topeka Community Cycle Project, at 801 NE Poplar. This person’s responsibilities will include, but may not be limited to, BLAST support and enhancement, bicycle safety educator, public outreach coordinator and local advocate for bicycling access and infrastructure. Any responsibilities listed here may be delegated if an appropriate party is identified.

BLAST Support and Enhancement- providing support to PE instructors in implementing BLAST curriculum and implementing trailer and bike fleet scheduling to maximize use and availability of BLAST resources to Topeka and Shawnee County.

Bicycle Safety Educator- providing educational programming and bicycle promotional events to spur bicycling activity by “interested, but concerned” potential bicycle riders; enhancing access and bicycle ridership in Topeka.

Public Outreach Coordinator- providing educational and bicycle resources in remote and community hubs where there is interest in the community. Bringing bicycles and best safety practices to the neighborhoods of Topeka and Shawnee County through grassroots and community events and community locations.

Local Advocate- participating in community discussions, committees on active transportation, bicycling and active wellness pursuits. Also reaching beyond traditional bicycle specific discussions and attending MTPO and other meetings and public forums to integrate bicycle perspectives into a larger transportation and city planning and development discussion .

Skills necessary: -LCI certification: ability to complete League of American Bicyclists Traffic Skills and LCI Certification, as it’s offered, within 6 months.

-Familiarity with current social media platforms and Microsoft Office and Adobe products

-Comfort with speaking in front of groups and presenting new ideas in a group setting.

-Coordinating and engaging volunteers, in addition to a willingness to help in seeking funds to keep the position and organization sustained on a perpetual basis.

Topeka Community Cycle Project, 801 NE Poplar St. Topeka KS 66606