Urban Bike Project of Wilmington Delaware will soon be embarking on a Capital Campaign to structurally stabilize and re-fit our current location which is an 100+ year old city-owned former police carriage barn.  We are a non-profit community bike shop located in a low income inner city area.  We have an architect engaged to help with some preliminary plans and drawings, and we've met with a number of our key volunteers to discuss how we can change our current space to maximize efficiency.  This is a rather broad question, but I'm wondering if anyone has any practical experience on do's and don't's for such an undertaking or any other useful advice?  We're trying to co-locate as best as possible our tools and work-stands and locate our used parts closer as well.  This will limit the movement required with our current design and allow us to keep a closer watch on things to limit theft as best we can.  Also trying to formalize a waiting area to help prevent customers wandering which is a particular problem during Youth Open Shop night,but also with adults.  As I said, a rather broad topic but maybe someone on this list has real experience that they want to share.  This may become a conversation better taken off-line as our plans begin to take shape but I wanted to put it out there as an early probe to test this list,


Mike Czupryna
Urban Bike Project of Wilmington, DE Board Chair and Youth Open Shop Volunteer Mechanic