Hey folks,

I have three questions that I’m hoping to get input on:


1.       Do any of you have good resources with pictures and text about what to look for when you are sorting through old parts and trying to determine what to keep and what to scrap? I am looking for something that I can use to help train volunteers as a guide for them to follow when they are going through old parts bins.

2.       I am looking to build the cheapest possible medium-term bike storage that allows me to use some vertical space. I was thinking essentially just a platform that would go against a wall and bikes would be stored underneath and on top. This is for bikes we are building up now to sell in the spring so we want to pack them in and likely will take off pedals and re-orient handlebars. If anyone had a simple plan to follow it would make my life easier.

3.       I’m wondering if any folks have good policies, processes or training for ensuring that your spaces are safer spaces for women, people of colour, LGBT2Q*, people with disabilities, newcomers, refugees etc. I am especially wondering how to make sure that it is easy to bring volunteers on while ensuring there is some sort of training or code of conduct to ensure that they know how to help create a safer space.


Thanks folks!




Anna Weier

UMCycle Manager

University of Manitoba Students' Union

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