One of our ongoing challenges at the Renaissance Youth Bike Shop is getting kids to wear helmets.  All participants in our programs are required to wear helmets, but influencing the youth culture is difficult, where helmets are considered even by most adults in our community, non-essential and un-cool. Our idea is to work with a local graffiti artist to create our own line of designer helmets.  We would sell these helmets as a fundraiser, both in our shop and at our local bike shop.  Has anyone any experience with customizing helmets or bikes?  I am thinking the BMX style helmets would work best as a surface area to paint.  Pictures to come.

Also, see a pic of our recent mural installed at the shop, painted by students and their art teacher at nearby middle school.

Adam Schwartz
Program Coordinator, The Renaissance Youth Bike Shop
Center For Educational Partnership
6200 Sheridan Street, Riverdale, MD
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