Cyclistas Colectiva!

Alright folks, BiciBici, the regional DIY bike repair shop get-together, is right around the corner, April 2-3! Davis is looking forward to havin' y'all here for a bit of fun, skill sharing, and a general round-up of the California community bike collectivery. We've got good stuff in store for ya - everything from morning calisthenics to evening carouselry. Check out the rough program on the website. We'll get you a bed, a bike, food and libation. All you have to do is show up.  Bring your hands to help-out on the ground, bring your head to contribute to the collective philosophizing, bring your pedalin' feet so you can keep up on the street.

We need to know who you are, if you're comin', and when. So register here today! Do it now, really, seriously please, for the sake of the spoked-wheel and hollow-frame, sign up now to let us know you'll be here.

We've got some workshops all lined up, but still need leaders, ideally by Monday, March 21st!  When you register (do it now), please let us know which and what ya think ya could facilitate.

Any and all involved with or inspired by DIY bike repair are invited to come, whether you help run a shop now or dream of starting one up. No shop and no dream is too big or too small!

Yea, we're excited to have y'all here! Don't forget to signup online. By Monday ideally. You can even register as a "maybe." So do it. You know you wanna.

Spokemistress Sarah of 
The Davis Bike Collective