Hi Josh
We are right in the middle of this process ourselves.  Your pain is our pain, it seems. 

 My friend says "paid labour does what needs to be done, and volunteer labour won't do". We would add policy and procedures to your initial list.  

I've attached a wack of collected job descriptions, courtesy of this very list.

The Bike Shed, Melbourne Australia

On Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 2:41 AM Josh Bisker <jbisker@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi pals,

The Mechanical Gardens has been essentially an all-volunteer effort so far, but we're exploring adding some paid positions to reach real organizational sustainability. Things like fundraising, fostering organizational partnerships, and even just coordinating operations and volunteers are challenging to do with no paid staff time. 

It's obviously tricky to make this shift though. One thing we need to do is comfortably distinguish: (a) the types of work for which people are paid, versus (b) the types of work for which people volunteer. So: in your organization, what are some of the ways you divide these things up? A related question might be: What are your titles and job descriptions for your paid positions? 

I know this topic opens a whole can of worms, but maybe we can get into it a couple of questions at a time...


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