I figure some of you might be qualified (student) and interested in this video contest.  The prize is a little more than a chocolate bar ;)

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From: Susan Peithman <peithman@pdx.edu>
Date: Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 12:02 PM
Subject: Call for Submissions to NITC Student Video Contest
To: Angel York <aniola@gmail.com>

NITC is hosting a student video competition to highlight the role of transportation in building livable communities.
Submissions Due June 15, 2016
Grand Prize $4,000 + travel to Portland, Oregon for the Transportation and Communities Summit in September 2016
Create a video answering one of these questions:
  • Can you explain the connection between livability and transportation in a way that can reach, for example, traffic engineers, elected officials, local business owners, and a classroom of elementary school students and their parents? 
  • What role can you and your peers play in creating transportation systems that support livable communities?
  • How would you convince youth why transportation and livable communities would be a great career? 
  • If you were the Secretary of Transportation, how would you make the nation’s transportation system support livable communities?
Open to ALL full-time university students, individuals or teams 
If you have questions, contact Susan Peithman at peithman@pdx.edu.  
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United States