Indeed we're still here, just unresponsive due to a temporary lapse in responsibility for the email.  We've never been good about that.  We've shifted our focus back to classes and repairs.  

On 3/6/07, Neighborhood Bike Works <info@neighborhoodbikeworks.org> wrote:
There are two, actually:
Plan B, the original host of Bike!Bike!, is still in existence.  I've
heard the ARK building was relatively undamaged.  In the weeks after the
floods, they shifted operations to provide low/no cost bikes for
residents.  Website is now at www.bikeproject.org.

In an effort to keep resources from being siphoned off by the deluge of
"outsiders", Common Ground folks launched RHUBARB ( rubarbike.org -- no
www.) primarily for visiting reconstruction volunteers.  Looks like it's
now an earn a bike and open shop program.

I haven't been in contact in nearly a year, so i'm not sure how Plan B's
and RHUBARB's missions are changing or how they fit together.


> Email me if you know of one.
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