Just wanted to offer a pedestrian safety video that the city of Albuquerque Bicycle and Pedestrian safety education program produce for a walk this way program for 1st and 2nd graders.




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Hey there!


When would you like to receive these videos by?




On Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 5:45 PM Tigre Bici <bici.uanl@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello, we are making a video on how it is to cross streets in our city, Monterrey, Mexico.

The idea is to compare different cities around the world on how it is to cross a street, this is to demonstrate that even thought we have excellent laws on hot to move around the city, the reality is far far from what it is written.

So we are asking for inputs on how it is to cross a street in your cities. It can be a short video (-15-20s) on and intersection (with or without traffic lights) and can be recorded on a cellphone or a camera.

We attach a video we record with a go pro attache to a bike helmet on a 720 resolution, and unfortunately we are not able to see the plates of the cab that yelled profanities  to the woman crossing the street .

It will be of great help to have the videos of your cities and use them on creating some conscience.

Thanks in advance and so much fun to all of you going to B!B!



PS you can send them via email, or we transfer or either telegram






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