Today, PeopleForBikes is opening applications for an ambitious new effort called The Big Jump Project. We are looking for ten great places to join this exciting new project - places where community leaders have ambitious plans to create safe and comfortable places to ride and encourage their neighbors and co-workers to give it a try. We want places that are eager to benchmark their progress and see the benefits of a big jump in biking in healthier people and better communities. 

Over the next three years, we will work in a diverse portfolio of places, cities, small towns, neighborhoods, suburbs, and downtowns, that have ambitious plans to improve on-the- ground infrastructure and collaborate with the community to get more people on bikes. We are particularly interested in places where bikes can improve access to jobs and opportunity for underserved communities; connect suburban areas to transit hubs and town centers; connect to paths and parks to encourage physical activity, and catalyze the economic potential of tourism.

The Big Jump Project builds on the momentum and success of the PeopleForBikes Green Lane Project that helped get protected bike lanes on the ground, into the design toolbox and established them as the gold standard for comfortable biking on busy streets. Similar to the Green Lane Project, The Big Jump Project will provide a package of support to the ten places, including technical advice, leadership development, and national media exposure - sharing the stories of their efforts through reports, videos and social media.

We are accepting applications until October 28, 2016. Please visit to learn more about the program, download a copy of the application, or register for one of the upcoming informational webinars. 

Tell your elected officials and transportation leaders in your community about The Big Jump Project and offer advice on places you think are ready to take The Big Jump! We look forward to reviewing strong applications from around the country.


Kyle Wagenschutz
Director of Local Innovation

P.O. Box 2359 / Boulder, CO 80306
MOBILE: 303.886.8288