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I like the color scheme idea too. It’s one more simple organizational step. We have been working hard at our parts bins and while it’s not quite done but this is where we’re at with this project today. Presently we have the labels and components wired to the bin compartment. Next will be the color coding. 

There are numerous benefits to our efforts. The obvious one is for parts to be able to put away and found easily. The other part of this is educational. So we have the word description and the visual. All of this should help our youth and our community to prosper.

Eric Brozell
Erie Recycle a Bicycle

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I will share the color scheme we've got with anyone interested.
Any comments / suggestions are welcome
The plan is to use stickers and paint for drawers and bins. to make it easy to identify, find, and sort parts.
It should make it easier for novice volunteers to get involved as well.
Here are the 9 color categories:
Red: Brakes (Levers, pads, cables, calipers, springs, small hardware)
Yellow: Shifters, Derailers (cables, guides, hangers, small hardware)
Green: Drivetrain (Bottom Bracket, Crank, Chain, Chain links, Cassette, Freewheel, related bearings)
Orange: Wheels (Rims, tires, tubes, spokes, nipples, hubs, axles, related bearings)
Grey: Frame and Fork
Purple: Headset and Handlebars (stems, bearings, cups, headset cap, bar ends, grips, grip tape)
Brown: Seats (seatpost, clamps, hardware)
Pink: Pedals (clips, hardware for clipless)
Blue: Lights and Accessories
Some parts may have a dual color scheme (like brake/shifter levers) that could be put in a two colored bin.
Compartiré la combinación de colores que hemos creado con cualquier persona interesada.
Cualquier comentario / sugerencia es bienvenida
El plan es usar estickers y pintura para cajones, papeleras, etiquetas para facilitar la identificación, búsqueda y clasificación de piezas.
También debería facilitar la participación de voluntarios novatos.
Aquí están las 9 categorías de colores:
Rojo: frenos (palancas, zapatas, chicotes, pinzas, resortes, hardware pequeño)
Amarillo: palancas de cambio, desviadores (chicotes, guías, patitas, hardware pequeño)
Verde: transmisión (eje del centro, multiplicaccion, cadena, eslabones de cadena, cassette / rueda libre, baleros relacionados)
Naranja: ruedas (llantas, camaras, rines, radios/rayos, tetinas, mazas, ejes, baleros relacionados)
Gris: cuadro y tijera
Púrpura: eje de direccion y manubrios (baleros, copas, potencia, extremos de barra, puños)
Cafe: Asientos (poste, abrazaderas)
Rosa: pedales (clips, hardware para clipless)
Azul: luces y accesorios
Algunas partes pueden tener un esquema de dos colores (como las palancas de freno / cambios) que podrían colocarse en un contenedor de dos colores.
Bicis Disidentes Tijuana
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Hi all.
To help keep the bike shop organized I have been working on a system of color coding parts.
i.e.: Red for brake related parts
       Green for drivetrain
       Yellow for shifter/derailer
The idea is to speed up finding parts as well as sorting out donations, etc.
Does anyone already have a system in place?
If there was/is a "standard" color scheme I would be good to go with an established one.
I have already started color coding tools with the color scheme on the sheldon brown website
it is a great time-saver
Any thoughts/comments appreciated
Bicis Disidentes TJ
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