So I whipped this up... It's a largeish PDF, sorry for any inconvenience.

It would take me probably another 2-3 hours to prep it for consistency and proper printing. It's just a template. This is a wordy example. For an actual brochure I would be looking to cut the word count and/or reduce font-size if I absolutely needed all that verbiage.

I'm not sure how attachments work in this here list, but if you're having trouble shoot me a direct email and I'll send you the template in whatever form I can (PDF, .indd, whatever). Y'all are free to use it, though I'd have an actual graphic designer give it some polish/panache as well as an edit/revision by a copywriter before it went public, if you have either of those in the ranks of your organization, or can afford external services.

I appreciate feedback of all kinds, so let me know what you think about it!

Keep up the good work everybody!