Brenna, Sara, you guys are amazing and inspiring.  Thanks for all you do.

Columbus Bike Co-op

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Hey Sara and friends,

I've got an electronic high 5 for you, Sara! Keep up the solid, important, not-always easy work!  Your commitment, passion and creativity will pull you through the next big projects you're working on, so keep it up! Bike shares and open streets are HUGE things and it's awesome you're a part of making these things happen (we need more!) I hope you have a supportive team behind you and/or the enthusiastic volunteers are on their way....

I did some volunteering with the WRENCH in Winnipeg - your northern neighbour a few hours' drive away. Geoff at could be a good source of support, ideas, edocuments, resources that may be helpful to you. He's not always available on email right away but definitely has always been keen to guide me in the right direction when it comes to bicycle and community projects. He has a LOT of experience!

Some cats from the wrench may be on this list.... Anyway, they run a ton of youth programs, earn-a-bike courses, community bike shop, advocacy.

This one goes for all of you, but if you have a small project (not a large ngo) that needs some start up funding, check out The Pollination Project. They give a $1000 grant every day to projects that need just a little bit of moola to get something rolling.

Sara if you're on Facebook, you can connect with me at Brenna Coupland (page: Beeyond a Bike). i have some friends in guadalajara mexico, vancouver and south africa that do huge cycle advocacy work and some bike share initiatives, though they are far, they may be able to help you out through email.

Ride on all,

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