I'm with the Davis Bike Church and we are looking to setup a new website for our group (we've been using the daviswiki.org). I want a site that will allow anyone with permission to add content, allow for calendars, forms, online donations, etc, and have our own domain name and a decent amount of server space (~1GB) so we can use it to share files and documents. I want to run an open source content management system such as plone, joomla, drupal, etc to do these things and wanted to ask some questions about how other groups handle this:

1. Recommendations on which CMS if I've never used a CMS before? Which one offers functionality that bike collectives typically need? Which one is easiest for end users?

2. Where do you host your site? How much is it? Can non-profits get free or reduced price hosting?

3. Any other tips on website related stuff?

Rev. Jason Moore
Davis Bike Church