Hey pals, some of you might remember that Microcosm offered us a nice insider discount on Adonia's terrific book Bicycle/Race before B!B! 2018 in LA. Well, them fine folks are at it again. They've got a new edition of Women on Wheels coming out and want us alls to be the first to know, and have sent a discount code our way. See below.

Dear Josh,
We hope that you and your Mechanical Gardens/Bike! Bike! crews are well. I know that you got a big order just last week,* but we want you to be the first to know about this title, arriving in a few days:
Women on Wheels:
History, biking heroines, technology, feminist/bike activism, fashion (oh yeah, bloomers!), and fun, all in one. Lovely spot illustrations, too (see below). 
We had such a good time with the Bicycle/Race special for Bike! Bike! people that we made a new coupon (WHEELWOMAN) to enter at checkout to get a discount on li'l orders (of Women on Wheels or anything they like). Can you help us spread the word?
Best Wishes for an easy breezy summer, and thanks for all you do 

There you have it, pals. Enjoy, enjoy.