Good Luck!, actually a brilliant idea documenting the trans formative, magic,  replication will get you the leverage you need to do even more. O Canada Glorious and Free, O Canada We Stand On Guard For Thee. I'm 'Up South' in Westchester County NY, groups I am trying to work with are still on the 'plantation', within a coercive system of punishment and reward. Truly best wishes, be aware of the 'invisible barriers' that young people will recognize when you inialilly Do Not. I participate with OWS  and it's Saturday morning, so I'm, getting on my bike and riding into the city. Good Luck, Doucument Them!, not you,(but you know that) KISS. Cheers, JK

On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 12:37 PM, Katherine McIlveen-Brown <> wrote:
Hi All,

New to the list serve, just wanted to introduce myself! I work for an
organization called Charlie's FreeWheels (
We're a youth-group based in Toronto.

We're hoping do do a community-participatory research project this
summer to try to identify barriers that limit youth from cycling in
Toronto. We're thinking of having a video documentary component to the
project, as well as a participatory mapping exercise. Has anyone had
any experience with this type of thing before?

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