That is great, appreciate your help.

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Some people I know helped start a DIY space with a tool lending library attached in Tacloban. I believe the org is called communitere and the could probably help with the local angle. Google their Philippines location. If you can’t get in contact that way send me a line and I’ll start bugging people I know. 


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Thank you Audrey,
I am very grateful for the information.

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Hi John, 

Glad to hear you want to get something started! As far as tools go it might depend on your location and whether or not you're able to buy bike specific tools in your area or have them shipped there. If you are able to get tools donated, make a list of things you want so folks know what to get you (and keep it updated where they can view it--though it doesn't ever hurt to have back up tools!). Always go for quality tools if you can when buying new (which cost a lot more initially). Once you start training the 101 class might not be 'how to fit a flat, brakes, derailleur, but how to properly use the tools. 

I would also consider the vintage of the bikes you will most likely be working on too especially if you are considering buying a new kit. Do you need the newer bottom bracket, disc rotor, ect. tools? Or do you need tools that are more specific to older bikes e.g. cotter pin crank press? 

Do you have a space in mind? As an org that has bounced around to five different locations in 15yrs, space is a bug concern for us. 

Not sure what your situation is, but it's always good to have local buy-in/ownership. You'll no doubt run into start up problems, but they might be best handled with a by locals for locals perspective. Here in Iowa City the needs change based on the neighborhood, not just the city we serve. 

I would also recommend getting female mechanics trained initially too.

Peace & grease, 

Audrey Wiedemeier (She/her/hers)
Iowa City Bike Library, Director 

700 S. Dubuque St, Iowa City
COVID Hours: Tues. - Thurs. 10 AM - 5 PM; Sat. 10 - 3 PM
Need something? Set up an appointment by email. 
Want to donate? Drop off anytime during these hours. Thank you!

C: (515) 450-1651

On Fri, Sep 4, 2020 at 7:24 PM John Klock <> wrote:
I would like to get a bike coop started in the Philippines. I wanted to inquire about tools cost to start and then ask about what might be some initial problems getting this going. Lastly, I wanted to combine this with bicycle advocacy. Thanks, John 


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