Hi All,

I have been asked by my board to set pay scales for positions here at B!KE. This process includes doing research on pay scales in comparable organizations. While I know that we all operate on different models in cities with very different costs of living, I would much appreciate having some numbers from organizations with similar mandates to put in to my recommendations.

For context B!KE has:
  • 400+ members
  • 2 year round full-time staff, and 3+ part-time seasonal staff
  • 200 donated bikes a year
  • Core programs include Open Shop, Earn-A-Bike, Volunteer Training, In-School Programs, Workshops. Sales of refurbished bikes, new parts, and used parts.
  • 10 Years of operation
  • $115,000 Annual operating budget

If you are open to sharing pay ranges for people in full-time positions within your organization that would be very helpful for me (especially if contextualize with some of the above bullets). We are particularly interested in the two following position types: Executive Director/Operations Manager and Program Coordinator/Head Mechanic.

Thank you very much for any information you are welling to share. You can replay directly to me via email at tegan@communitybikeshop.org or in a phone call if that would be easier to provide sensitive or complex info 705-775-7227.

Tegan Moss

B!KE: The Peterborough Community Bike Shop
293 George Street North, Peterborough ON
(705) 775-7227